It seems like every post I have seen on LinkedIn, social media, or my Gmail inbox related to automotive has either COVID-19, Digital Retailing, or both in the subject. As exhausting as this is becoming, there is a definite reason and we should be paying attention.

We are in the middle of a time that is changing the trajectory of car sales as we know it. And this did not come as a surprise. We have been talking to and guiding dealers towards an online shopping experience and digital retailing for years. COVID-19 was only the catalyst to move things forward more quickly.

The good news is that companies aren’t rushing to create these solutions. They have been around for quite a while–long enough to be tested and adjusted to meet the needs of auto intenders.  There are many options, and if you do not already have a solution, now is the time to do your research and find the best solution for your store.

Finding the right technology equates to about 50% of this decision

The problem is, as I stated above, there are many options. How do you know what is right for you? In reality, the tech will have a standard that everyone will meet–with some having more bells and whistles and some being a basic, no-nonsense digital retail option. Making the decisions on the right products and services is actually the easy part. It’s digital, and we have data to help us make informed decisions. 

In this portion of the equation, I would add that the people behind the technology are a crucial factor in the partnership. There must be transparency, trust, and a collaboration that is apparent from the beginning. You will have questions and need guidance, and you want to know that you will have the needed support in a timely fashion. 

The other 50%

The other 50% needs to be the training, preparation, and implementation of the digital retailing. As much as we want tools to be a “set it and forget it” model, anything that we want to be successful will take a little training. Training on the part of our dealership team, but then also training or guidance for our customers so that this “new normal” becomes the standard and they are comfortable with the process.

To properly and successfully launch digital retailing on your site, there is much more involved than adding a script and monitoring how many clicks the button received. You need to let the customers know how to use this. You need to make them aware that it is available and super easy!

People hate change, but right now they will be open to it in a way that they have not been before. Digital retailing is a necessity. Take advantage of this window and get a digital retailing solution installed on your website. 

Let’s Talk

  • Do you currently have a Digital Retailing Tool? How are you socializing your customers to it?
  • Are you interested in looking for a solution but are not sure what specifically to look for in a partner?

If you want ideas on solutions, or how to ramp this up through video and online or direct marketing, feel free to reach out and I would love to help!